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A big thumbs up from the food safety inspectors!

On May 21st 2014 there was an atmosphere of mildly nervous anticipation as Oxford Food Bank’s Food Hygiene Controller, David Kay awaited the arrival of an inspector from the Vale of White Horse District Council’s Food and Safety Department.

Having taken on the role nine months earlier David had overseen a rigorous overhaul of the food handling and hygiene procedures and implemented a new regime of checks and cleaning schedules to ensure that they met every single requirement of the food handling and hygiene regulations. These had been taken on board with a remarkable degree of enthusiastic support by the Food Bank volunteers (particularly the hard working base co-ordinators who actually carried out the vast majority of the tasks), but now was the crunch time when it was revealed whether everything really was up to scratch.

The inspector duly arrived and after a lengthy and thorough trawl through the procedures, and an inspection of the base gave it all a big thumbs up. Cue discreet sighs of relief. In fact she stated that the OFB food handling and hygiene procedures were better than those used by the vast majority of commercial food operators and “couldn’t think of a single way that OFB could improve their operations”. Now you couldn’t ask for better than that.

Below you can see David proudly displaying the food inspector’s report whilst apparently operating the OFB floor scrubber from a sidesaddle position – how’s that for talent!

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Leaving aside frivolity for a moment we would like to say how seriously we take the issue of food safety at OFB, and this glowing assessment helps to confirm our commitment in this area. Although our organisation may be totally run by volunteers we aim to be highly professional in all our methods of operation and the charities that we supply can rest assured that all of the food they receive will be safe to use and in the best possible condition.