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A sunny end to summer fundraising.

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As the summer fundraising season drew to a close we enjoyed two successful events in September when Oxford Food Bank volunteers attended both Binsey and Botley fetes.

At Binsey the crowds were out in force and the donations rolled in while attendees also enjoyed playing the infamous ‘name the strange vegetable’ game as shown on the photograh above left (and to make it totally clear, I’m talking about the items on the table, not the volunteers behind it).

Meanwhile over in Botley David Kay took the opportunity of a lull in the crowds to talk to event organiser (and also Food Bank volunteer), Ag MacKeith, above right, who was dressed as Thalia, the Muse of Comedy and Festivals in case you were wondering about her costume,

Finally another big thank you to Nominet, who have collected a further £2,500 in support of the Oxford Food Bank as part of their ongoing two year programme of fundraising on our behalf. As always we are overwhelmed by their generosity and enthusiasm.