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Another hard worker joins the team – Mr Ford Transit

The Oxford Food Bank team gets through a lot of work on an average day, and that includes our small fleet of vans. Despite suffering a fair amount of accidental abuse from our volunteers they never complain, rarely pull a ‘sickie’ and their attitude can accurately be described as driven … okay, no more cringeworthy puns, I promise.

Anyway this little beauty below has just joined the team in late January as van number three and is already stacking up the miles on our ever expanding delivery runs, Money to purchase the van came from donations given to the Food Bank by a variety of individuals and organisations and we would like to thank them all for helping us to distribute more food to more charities year on year.

DSC02023 - website

Although we were surviving (just) with two vans it was becoming a virtually impossible juggling act to meet all of our commitments.With this new van joining us we have been able to take on even more deliveries and all three vans are already being fully utilised. Welcome to the team Mr Ford Transit!