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Beet the beards?

The OFB fundraising events season reached a fitting climax very near to home with two events held on the 1st and 7th October at the Tap Social microbrewery located right next door to the OFB base. After manning stands far and wide over the summer at events like the Low Carbon Week, Cowley Road Carnival, Elder Stubbs Festival, Botley Food Fayre and Binsey Fete (to name but a few) this was an opportunity for OFB volunteers to invite visitors in to look round our base while finding out more about OFB.

Waste2Taste website    Beard and son - website    Me and three beards - website

On the 1st we kicked off with a ‘Beet the Waste’ food and music festival aimed at reducing food waste – one of OFB’s key aims. Tap Social had invited in a number of other organisations also heavily involved in food waste reduction including the ever-smiling Waste2Taste team (above left) who were busy cooking up mouthwatering dishes throughout the event for the lucky attendees. The weather held fair (not a certainty at this time of year) and the crowds flocked in, with hundreds of people jammed into the relatively small space, many of whom took up the chance to tour the OFB base. Let’s hope they organise another one of these for next year!

The following weekend saw the even more glamorous 2017 Beard Festival which saw entrants young and old (above middle) pouring in from across the country sporting a variety of magnificent moustaches and bristling beards. Tours of the base took an interesting turn when a wizard and his two wacky chums turned up (above right) to be shown around by David Kay, one of OFB’s own resident beardies (but sporting a very understated model that definitely wasn’t going to be entered into the competition). You really can’t Beet the Beards!

See the Oxford Mail article covering the Beard Festival, and find out more about Tap Social on their website.