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Gousto and OFB – a recipe for success


During September, OFB is benefiting from a helping hand in the shape of Gousto. If you live in Oxfordshire you may well already know about Gousto as they have distributed brochures to virtually every household throughout the county in the past month as part of their launch here. Gousto and OFB featured in a recent Oxford Mail article on 23rd September.

For those of you who don’t already know, Gousto supply a range of chef-designed, healthy and delicious recipes together with the ingredients you need to cook them in exactly the right proportions. You get to eat more adventurous food but Gousto’s recipe cards makes it all very simple and affordable.

So how does that help OFB? That’s simple. For every box you order from Gousto in September we receive £1. So, what are you waiting for, go to the Gousto website today and start ordering those tasty meals.

During September we will be highlighting Gousto’s support at the various fundraising events, and handing out promotional giveaways too. Pictured below is one of our volunteers handing out a Gousto tote bag to a pair of lucky winners at Binsey Fete on September 17th. On the same day we also manned a stand at Botley Food Fayre. If you didn’t catch us at either of those venues then keep your eyes peeled for the OFB stand at other events in and around Oxford.