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Making a Mela out of nothing (and other fun events)

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The first main fundraising and public awareness event of the year for OFB took place on May 21st when our bandwagon trundled along to the Oxford Mela at the new Rose Hill Community Centre.

As can be seen from the picture above there were some very colourful characters present, however I should point out that only three of the individuals shown here are OFB volunteers – I’ll let you guess which is the odd one out. I think it is the first time we’ve been photobombed  by what I presume is someone dressed as a Hindu deity (apologies if I’ve got that wrong, and I’m happy to add a proper description immediately if anyone can send me the correct details).

Anyway a lively time was had by all, with plenty of spicy food (ingredients partly supplied by OFB), Bollywood style music and dancing and plenty more to keep the crowds entertained.

A slightly different crowd turned up at the Low Carbon Week’s initial event in Broad Street, the Big Green Day Out on June 4th. Here our stand was surrounded by many other charities aiming to improve the lot of the planet through recycling, reducing waste and similar eco-friendly activities. The photo below shows two of our volunteers bribing a passer-by with home made chocolate cake.


Unlike the 2015 event, this year we had wonderfully dry and warm weather, and the crowds were suitably upbeat and happy to chat. A big improvement on last year when a few brave and rain-sodden individuals rushed past trying to see if there was anything worth stopping for, but unwilling to put up with the miserable conditions for a moment longer than necessary.

A good start to the 2016 events then, and plenty more to come over the summer. Next up you can spot us at the Cowley Road Carnival on 10th July and other events we will be attending include the Elder Stubbs Festival in August and Binsey Fete in September.