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Nielsen volunteers blitz the OFB base!

Thursday 11th June 2015, early morning, and the OFB base was the scene of even more frenzied activity than usual as a group of volunteers from Nielsen (the leading global information and measurement company based in Headington) joined us to help out for the day.

Alongside regular OFB volunteers they very quickly got stuck into clearing, cleaning, sorting and tidying up the whole base in a slightly belated Spring Clean. Even with a regular, daily checking and cleaning schedule there are always things that we simply don’t have time to fully organise normally to the extent we would like so this was an opportunity to peer into every corner and set up everything perfectly. Pictured below are Nielsen and OFB volunteers part way through this mammoth process.

DSC06321 - website large   DSC06324 - website large

After several hours of hard slog (made more complicated by OFB volunteers working around this chaos to load and unload vans whilst carrying out our regular food delivery and pick up runs) everything was finally gleaming and in the right place. Our very big thanks to Nielsen for arranging this help and to their volunteers, who were incredibly good-humoured, patient, efficient and hard working throughout the day. We’d certainly welcome you back next year if you’re available!

Pictured below are some of the Nielsen team looking a little tireder, but very happy at the end of their shift in a gleaming and incredibly well-ordered OFB base.

DSC06325 - website large