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OFB Open Day as part of the Oxford Pumpkin Festival


November 1st 2014 was another special day for OFB as we opened our doors to the public as part of the Oxford Pumpkin Festival.

To be truthful we didn’t actually have any pumpkins on display, although three huge ones were donated to us a day later. What we did have was a bunch of enthusiastic volunteers waiting to show around visitors and explain the inner workings of OFB.

Pictured above are two of those visitors with OFB volunteer Howard Davies inside one of our walk-in chill rooms.

Although we aren’t generally open to the public except on special days like this, if you would like to visit the base and find out more with a view to possibly volunteering we can always arrange a time to give you a tour. Simply contact us on our ‘operations’ e-mail address saying that you are interested in volunteering and we’ll get back to you.