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Parliamentary inquiry into hunger in the UK

Parliamentary inquiry - feeding Britain

After many months of taking evidence and drawing together their conclusions December 2014 finally saw the results of a an All Party Parliamentary Inquiry into hunger in the UK.

Oxford Food Bank was involved in giving evidence at various stages and it was nice to see some recognition of the efficiency of our organisation in the form of the statement “one of the strongest examples of best practice was Oxford Food Bank”. This has already triggered interest from other areas of the UK where people setting up food banks are asking for help in replicating our model, which is something we have always encouraged.

Two documents have been published as a result of this inquiry, which can be downloaded here for a lengthy read if you are keen to find out a few more details:

Not everyone has been in agreement with all of the findings, especially the degree to which the state should be involved in funding food banks, but it has brought the issue of food poverty in the UK to everybody’s attention once more. Unsurprisingly there has been a surge of interest once again across the media with Oxford Food Bank representatives appearing on TV, Radio and in newspapers across Europe. Two of the articles you can read online via these links are in our local Oxford Times and the slightly less local Irish Times.