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Summer fundraisers – to Cowley Road and beyond

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Summer fundraisers – to Cowley Road and beyond

Our ever busy volunteers have been seen out and about recently in several locations manning the Oxford Food Bank stall at various events. Most recently they had a busy time collecting donations and volunteers from amongst the huge number of people attending the Cowley Road Festival as pictured above.  Eagle-eyed individuals might have noticed our brand new gazebo and other bits of fundraising gear (as being proudly displayed before the crowds turned up) – no more soggy leaflets, thank goodness.

 alt=Several weeks earlier on the 14 June we covered two events on the same day. Luckily it was a sunny day, so our pre-gazebo volunteers were able to remain dry and cheerful at the Restore Summer Mela (pictured right), and the Oxford Good Food Event in Bonn Square.

Overall these events netted several hundred pounds in donations and a handful of new volunteers so everybody went home happy.

Other events we will be attending in the near future include the Elder Stubbs Festival on 16 August, and the Botley Fete on 20 September so hopefully we might see you there.

Final news on the fundraising front: in June OFB was handed a very substantial cheque by Oxford University Students as a result of their activities during RAG week. Many thanks to all of them, and to all of our other donors – your money will be put to good use.