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The Big Food Rescue – OFB on the BBC


Over the past two months there have been BBC cameramen in and out of the OFB base, following our volunteers out on the road as they visit OFB suppliers and charities. Here is the end result.

From the morning of Monday 28th November and throughout that week there will be a series of five 45 minute programmes broadcast on BBC1 at 9.15am, focussing on the OFB model. In addition to footage in and around Oxford, there will be detailed coverage of The Felix Project in London, a separate charity set up using exactly the same model of operations as OFB and with a lot of help from our founding Directors, David Cairns and Robin Aitken. With OFB hopefully portrayed as the shining example of how to operate our model effectively it falls upon The Felix Project to provide the required level of drama!

Will they manage to replicate the OFB model in London, or will they be eaten alive by a mountain of past their ‘best before date’ gherkins? You will just have to watch to find out.