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Visitors from Denmark!

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News about how good the Oxford Food Bank really is continues to spread around the globe. February 25th 2015 and we were joined at the OFB base by Thomas and Stine (shown above with OFB Chair David Cairns) who had just flown in from Copenhagen on a fact-finding mission.

Looking to set up a foodbank back in Denmark and having identified the OFB model as being one of the best they were keen to find out how we make it all tick. On the face of it, picking up free food from supermarkets and wholesalers and redistributing it to local charities free of charge isn’t exactly rocket science, but when you do it at the scale of OFB (around £1 million worth of food per year) using a team of over 100 volunteers then there are quite a few complications.

Several hours later Thomas and Stine left with their heads full of facts, figures and advice which we hope they will find useful. We look forward to hearing how they are getting on setting up their own foodbank in the months to come. In the meantime if there are any other people thinking about setting up a foodbank a bit nearer to home in the UK we would love to hear from you. We are always happy to tell people about the OFB model and give advice on how to get a similar foodbank up and running, so get in contact with us straight away.