Meet Our Team

The OFB Volunteers:

OFB depends on the hard work and goodwill of over 100 volunteers who pick up and deliver food, and keep our base clean and tidy. Without them we would be unable to operate.

At the OFB base:

See the Contact Us page for details on how to contact the three OFB employees.

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Cathy Howard                                                     David Kay                                                     Caroline Westcott

Cathy Howard – Operations Manager

  • Logistics/Scheduling
  • Volunteers/Suppliers/Charities
  • Media/Social Media

David Kay – Facilities & Communications Coordinator

  • Food Safety plus Health & Safety
  • Facilities and Equipment
  • The OFB website, Publicity and the Media
  • Fundraising and Financial

Caroline Westcott – Project & Events Coordinator

  •  Public events organiser
  • Project coordinator

Our Charity Trustees:

Paul Medley – Chairman

James Boylan – Deputy Chairman

Noel Heaven – Treasurer

Ann Poulter – Secretary

Deborah Lewis – Employee Liaison

Chaka Artwell

Elizabeth Buckle

Harry Fletcher

Rodney Hopestone

Sarah Phibbs

Oxford Food Bank is a registered charity number 1131738 and details about our charitable status can be found on the Charity Commission website.