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A summer ‘spring clean’ with Amey

At the Oxford Food Bank base we are proud of the fact that our volunteers do a great job cleaning and tidying up every day. Every now and then, however, it helps to really go to town and literally clear everything off the shelves and give those hard to reach places a thorough scrubbing, A proper spring clean is what we’re talking about, even when it takes place in August.

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This week we got hold of the right team to do the job when a flying squad of volunteers from Amey (the infrastructure support services provider based in Oxford) turned up at our base eager and willing to help us out. Caroline, Charlotte, Emma and Matthew (pictured above) turned out to be pretty speedy too as the main area of the warehouse was soon transported outside leaving the floor ‘access all areas’ for our regular volunteer Christopher and his faithful motorised scrubber machine.

This hive of activity was followed up by a full clearance of our shelving units and a thorough stock check, setting the pressure washer loose on our collection of food crates and a good scrub down of the shelving in our two walk-in chill rooms. Eventually everything was returned to its rightful place and the team could relax at last, a lot tireder, but having the satisfaction of a job well done. Our heartfelt thanks to the Amey team of volunteers for giving up a day of their time to support us, and I’m sure they would be welcomed back with open arms if they fancied carrying out another in-depth clean of our base next year!

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