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Oxford Food Bank is a charity based around a workforce of over 100 Volunteers. You can hear what our volunteers have to say about Oxford Food Bank on the video at the bottom of this page. Some Volunteers only do a single three-hour shift per week but others commit considerably more time to keeping us fully operational.

What do Oxford Food Bank Volunteers do?

There are several different roles that Volunteers can take on as follows:

  • Drivers and Helpers who pick up food from suppliers and deliver it to charities. Seven days a week and every day of the year – some years, even Christmas Day – we have Volunteers driving around Oxford and neighbouring towns carrying out this function. It is at the core of what we do, distributing much-needed food to charities who feed their clients, and it is what the majority of our Volunteers do on a regular basis. There are several shifts each weekday, in the mornings and afternoons, plus two shifts on Saturday and Sunday. Each shift takes about three hours and it does involve some physical effort (e.g. lifting large boxes and sacks of food), but nothing too strenuous. Drivers must be at least 25 years old, experienced drivers, and comfortable with the idea of driving a delivery van (Ford Transit or similar in size).

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  • Working as a ‘Base Co-ordinator’ on site at our Botley base. These individuals carry out the very important functions of cleaning all areas of the base, controlling our food stock, carrying out various checks and generally ensuring that we are operating in line with all of the relevant food handling and hygiene regulations. During weekdays there is one shift every morning and another every afternoon, whilst at weekends there is just a single shift on Sundays. Each of these shifts also takes around three hours.

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  • Behind the scenes we also have a small number of individuals working as Trustees or carrying out various other administrative tasks varying from publicity and fundraising to keeping our vans on the road. The workload for these individuals is very variable and in some areas can often be carried out at home on a computer rather than physically at the base. Normally we would expect individuals who wanted to take on one of these roles to initially experience our operations by volunteering as a Driver/Helper or Base Co-ordinator first.

Watch the video below to see what our volunteers have to say about working with the Oxford Food Bank.